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Shed HA-PB58 Pickup Demo

I have known Spencer of Shed Pickups for many years in the music industry. I have depped/subbed in one of his bands very regulary & are very close friends. DISCLAIMER - I received these pickups at a discounted/artist rate & my relationship with Spencer is public knowledge.

I have previously received a set of HA-62's for my strat a few years back once the business was re organised & set up again, for which I paid full price.

I have compiled 3 demo videos using different sets of La Bella Strings (tapes, flats & rounds) plus different playing styles & adjusting the tone control as I go.

The signal chain is as follows - Bass - A Designs REDDI - straight into Logic Pro with no added EQ etc.

I asked Spencer to knock me up a set of these up at very short notice for a session the following week. I wanted some oomph & a more old school sound out of my old P bass (it was running a pair of Fralin pups) and he obliged.

The pure craftmanship, style & attention to detail that goes into these pickups is incredible & all individually handmade too! The craftmanship & traditional techniques, equipment & parts make these pickups as special as any "vintage" set but with added care & skill.

I'm very happy with the "old school" sound from them but also the output level which is higher than the last pair but very managable & can be used in any setting as you can hear in the videos below.


Bass Player, Bandleader, Music Educator.

Endorsee of ACS Custom, Aguilar Amplification,

La Bella Strings, Overwater Basses & REMIC Microphones.


















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