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Pedal & DI Update 2022

Since my last post my pedal situation has changed significantly for the better! So I'v been moving pedals about to raise some funds but. I found an absolute bargain on the second hand market!

I've been using the Cali 76 Compact Bass for a while, but now I have found the holy grail. The Origin Effects Cali 76 Limiting Amplifier! The BIG ONE! I'm so happy to get my hands on one as it's getting so rare & it's being used by everybody, anybody who's anybody & it is absolutely superb!

Along with this I have also sold my Taiwanes'e OC2. I have replaced it with a 1985 Japanese black label one! I'm so happy again to get my hand on another right now too!

A new pedal has also arrived, in the form of the Electro Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine. A neat & very powerful harmony pedal with so, so many features. I'm obviously going to be using it for my own solo things but also for adding layers in live situations for artists too!

DI Wise I have a new one. The Radial JDI. For my Moog Bass Synth mainly. Its such a great compact but sturdy DI for my synth. Used live once so far with absolutely no complaints whatsoever!

I've started a great collection of both pedals & DI's so far & I'm putting them to good use too!




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