Phill is also able to offer the following services

As an arranger Phill is able to arrange written & recorded music for various uses such as perfomances, compositions & recordings.

Musical Direction

Phill can direct from small ensembles to large choirs & groups in all styles & scenarios. Bringing plenty of experience, dedication & enthusiasm to the show, recording session or live broadcast.


Phill is able to compose tracks for artists, commercial companies, educational purposes & publications. Ranging from solo guitar tracks & ensembles to full orchestral pieces using the latest DAW's, notation software & his own studio.

Musical Equipment Reviews

Phill offers audio, text, video or combination reviews for musical instruments, equipment & software. Mainly focussing on bass related reviews, Phill can also review more general musical equipment.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Masterclasses can be provided on all aspects of Phill's career including bass playing, composing, education & more.

Professional Musician Mentorship & Advice

Phill can provide expert guidance, advice & mentorship to musicians regarding career choices, musicianship, industry advice & more. This is aimed at professional musicians of all disciplines working or aiming to work in live/studio settings, private tuition etc.

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