My personal experience with mentorships

Having both the DipRSL & LRSL set myself apart from other peripatetic & private teachers across the UK & helped me gain & retain students in my private practice & helped me secure lucrative & career defining positions lecturing & writing about music & music education. 


I had mentors for both of these qualifications & with their guidance I was able to thrive & complete these qualifications to the highest standard.


My Academic & Musicianship Mentors were


Mr Clark Ellis (LRSL – G.I.T hons)


Mr Phil Harris BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance. LRSL (dis). SMISIM.

Phill provides expert guidance, advice & mentorship to musicians regarding obtaining academic qualifications eg. performance & teaching diplomas & degrees up to level 7 (MA)


He also provides more personalised & bespoke advice & mentorship regarding career choices, musicianship, industry advice & more. 


This is aimed at professional musicians of all disciplines & levels working or aiming to start a career in live/studio/teaching & all professional music settings.


The Academic & Professional Musician Mentorship is designed to offer substantial expert guidance, advice & mentorship to musicians regarding the following. 


  • Obtaining academic qualifications eg. performance & teaching diplomas & degrees up to level 7 (MA) Including but not limited to, RSL Awards Level 4 Diploma & Level 6 Licentiate Professional Diplomas.


  • Personalised & bespoke advice & mentorship regarding career choices, musicianship, industry advice & more. 


Both of these options for academic & professional mentorship are aimed at professional musicians of all disciplines working or aiming/starting a career in live, studio, teaching & all professional music settings.


This service is available in 3 different packages & individual sessions & include the following. 


  • Unlimited email & limited call support throughout the package length.


  • Written & oral feedback, appraisal & critique on all aspects of work & development.


  • Personalised resources tailored to your academic and/or personal development.


  • Individual schedules & goal timeframes to enable continued development in a timely manner for your academic and/or professional mentorship.


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