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Phill's Professional Musician Portfolio
Phill's rates for services provided
Technical Specifications
Phill's Live Performance Technical Specifications Rider
Music Teacher Profile
Phill's music teacher profile
Find Me a Tutor
A teacher/tutor directory Phill is affiliated with
Forrest Illustration
My illustrator & photographer Charlie Forrest
Overwater Basses
Phill uses a custom built P5 from Overwater Basses
Optima Strings
Phill is endorsed by Optima & uses RB Flatwounds, 24K Gold Studio Bass Uniques & Double Bass Protos
Phill uses D'addario piccolo, bass vi & nylon tapewound strings
ACS Custom
Phill uses ACS Custom earplugs & custom IEM's
Hercules Stands
Phill uses numerous Hercules stands for instruments, music & hardware
Swan Flight Cases
Phill uses custom Swan Flight cases for amplifiers & hardware
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