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Overwater Custom J5 Contemporary

So, As i was awaiting a very, very special bass from the guys & girls over at Overwater, I felt the need for a more updated/modern bass for the music I was playing.a lot more pop, Rnb, Soul & Neo Soul.

I had (still have) my Fender American Deluxe Jazz V but it wasn't really cutting it properly live. I felt an updated J style bass would suit this type of work better! Plus I love showing off my other Overwater but it doesn't suit every situation unfortunately!

The plan was set! A J bass but infinitely cooler, sleeker, sexier & more versatile. Here is the full spec & my reasons why -


Overwater Custom Contemporary J V

5 String Fretted

Scale Length - 35” (to match my other Overwater & to get a level sounding low B string)


One Piece Maple Neck

Maple Fingerboard

Maple Binding

No Markers (for that clean, clean look)

24 Frets

Nut Width - 46mm

Standard Bolt-on Construction

Luminlay Side Dots (so i can still see whee I'm going!)


Swamp Ash Body (no top) (nice & simple but also not too heavy for me)


Overwater Noiseless J Pickups

Overwater Active 3 Band With Added Passive Tone (fancied trying out the Overwater circuit to change up from the John East, I also feel very lost without a tone control!) (The added bright switch adds a "bright boost"6db at 5KHz)

Locking Jack Output

Overwater Black Actel Knobs


Hipshot Black Tuners

Top Loading Overwater Bridge in Black 18mm

One Black String Retainer

Finish - Natural Lacquer With Added Black Pigment (to make the grain pop) (this didn't actually work out but I'm very happy with my bass's look)

Satin Finish

TBC - Matching Head Veneer (didn't go through with this option, looks so clean without it)


Luminlay Side Dots

Passive Tone Control

Maple Binding

Here we have the new J bass in all its glory! Mainly going to be used on above mentioned sessions live & studio.

I'd really like to thank Overwater again for their continued support & help with my playing, basses & career




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