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Pedal Collection Update

Heres a little update about my pedal collection. I should add that I'm actively using these day to day for sessions/live work too.

I’ve been building up a tiny little collection of more exotic/scarce/favourite bass pedals as of late.

I was going to keep them all "hidden away" in my display cabinet but I’ve somehow attached quite a few to my boards!

Original OC-2 Black label’s made in Japan x4!!!

From the amazing guys at Bass Bro’s firstly, then links from a few fellow bass players. A powerful pedal! Perfect with my Fretless Stingray for that “Pino” sound & used quite a bit live with Mr Bewlay & Hemes.

As of February 2022 I’m using the MXR Vintage Bass Octave in place of OC-2’s for most circumstances. When needed I take the large board out with the original MXR Bass Octave Deluxe.

The Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Bass Compressor

It was Ian Allison that got me into this. Alas, not having the room for the full size one on my board I went for the compact version. A very transparent but incredible compressor! At the moment it’s my go to.

The Digitech Bass Synth Wah pedal

I’ve had the Digitech for some years. Purchased from A strings a while back & always a staple of my boards until recently. A disconnected pedal that the after market price has skyrocketed! I got it for £45 new!

Origin Effects Cali 76 Limiting Amplifier

Well I got one. I had to & it’s a staple of my playing right now! Used 100% live & in the studio if I can! A behemoth of a pedal & such a great sound from it that just colours my basses in a perfect way!

MXR Vintage Bass Octave

Based off Janek Gwizdala’s OG Boss OC-2 I got this to replicate the OC-2 sounds when I’m not particularly fussy about taking any of the rare ones on the road. I’m nicety impressed with it so far & have used it live twice recently. I’m also very impressed with its footprint too!

Electro Harmonix Intelligent Harmony Machine

A very powerful harmony pedal with so, is many settings & uses. Very quick becoming one of my favourite pedals so far! Used in once in a live setting so far.

Electro Harmonix Bass Micro Synth

Theres nothing micro about this pedal & although I haven't used it's full potential yet, I am absolutely loving the "Mini Moog" sound from it mostly! Some quite usable sounds & used in a live show once so far.




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