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Help Musicians UK 100 Years Of Helping Musicians

I've been aware of the charity/musician's benevolent fund for quite a while as an Executive & then Regional committee member fr the Musicians Union.

I never thought I'd need help from them personally though. Until the pandemic happened. I was in dire need of ssistence & they came through! Before any other government/local scene had & really helped my get through the year 2020 as a professional musician.

I was very fortunate to be interviewed by Sarah from Help Musicians UK & have had my interview published in the Booklet - Help Musicians: A History Supporting Members Since 1921. Alongside such greats as Dame Evelyn Glennie, Lesley Garrett & more.

This will be available in print form but I've attached an excerpt of my part so far for you all & a link so you can read through the whole booklet online

Please go visit the website too, to see if you can receive any help or offer help to any musicians still struggling with the remnants of the pandemic or any other issue they may have too.




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