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Ernieball Musicman Stingray Classic 5

Just took possession of this amazingly clean & mint example of this lovely bass!

Essentially it's a "classic" Musician. Based on a 70's version but with an extra string. It sounds exactly like a classic stingray but with the addition of the low B string. Powerful but also can sound quite mellow too in the right situation & with the right settings etc.

I got this from a private collection (same as my 76 fretless) Plus it matches that bass perfectly too!

From my first experience with the bass. It's heavy but not overly so for myself. Very nice thin neck with tiny little skinny frets which was a little bit of a change. Overall I'm very happy & have always fancied one of these basses after seeing a video from The Bass Whisperer on Youtube 5+ years ago.

I've got a session on Thursday so I'm going to bring this along & put it through its paces. I'll also use it for a few videos too!




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