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VGS Turner – Vintage Tremolo Pedal from Must Have Music £65!

I have been needing a tremolo for a few weeks to help soundscape for a Nyx track. I really didn’t want to break the bank either!

Although I haven’t heard of this pedal or it’s company I kept an open mind. The pedal retails at £65.

First Impressions

I spent a while trying it out in the store and it was great, what really got me was the sturdiness of the unit. although it is quite light it is very rugged. Very simple to use by using the three knobs – Speed, Level & Depth. With all the knobs at 12 O’clock we have a great sounding tremolo!


Although I will only be using it on one track and on bass I think I will be pulling it out of the bag to add a certain warmness to some tracks/parts. If your a guitar player I imagine that you will have more uses.


After playing around with it for a few hours I’ve found a few great sounds to use. visit to hear a selection.


No downsides at all at this price range. It does exactly what it says.

Available from Must Have Music & Impact who will be moving to 172 High St Blackwood NP12 1AH

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