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Update – May 2015

Wow what a great start to the year! It seems this year I have been going from strength to strength.

So I started the year just teaching in my private practice and finally opening my new studio which is just amazing. It’s full of all the things I need and it looks and works great.

I’ve started composing a few tracks already but I just need to find the time to do it more and pop them onto Soundcloud. Although I did put the audio from my promo video up there, such a funky bassline!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of session work too. I played on a sort of modern folky type track for a guy in Liverpool which should be a great hit and a few other things too.

I examined the latest candidates for Ax Music on my own for the first time and it went really well. Everyone passed from Debut to Grade 4 well done!

Sankara is the name of the first band I auditioned for. Myself and Tom (the drummer) have our first gig with them this Friday! I’m really looking forward to it. The music is just great and I couldn’t slap a genre on it because that wouldn’t be fair. The basslines are great too, although they were written before I joined I have added my own twist to them including a METAL! bass solo at the start of one track.

Nyx I recently auditioned for (to the surprise of one of my long lost friends who didn’t know I was auditioning) the audition went well and we are now working towards to the EP launch in July and the music is ridiculously amazing in every way.

I’ve got a lot of dep work coming up too. First with The Envys in Chepstow and then with The Bad Breaks in Caerphilly, quite looking forward to doing both with very good track choices.

So apart from the teaching, dep, session and band work I’ve been doing a lot of online advertising but really need to start throwing some tracks out there. I was thinking about a solo bass piece? or bass and drums but I’m not sure yet anyway.

I plan to keep teaching work hard with both the bands (I’ve worked out 2 bands are easily enough) and grab some dep and session work as and when it comes in. I’ve learnt to say no to work too which makes life a lot easier and I thought I was doing to much with 3 bands, a tour and all the other work.

My Mark Bass rig arrived and it is epic! So small but it packs one hell of a funky punch. especially with my Jazz Bass which currently resides in the repair centre.

Any recommendations on what I should do? Please feel free to contact me.

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