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Becoming a Professional Musician, Is It Worth It? My Story Part 1

Is it worth it? A question that I ponder honestly about once a month, but how did I know I wanted to be a professional musician?

I bought a bass, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but It looked cool when I saw John Deacon ripping it up! I had been in my school choirs from about year 8 I think on and off anyway. I started having private lessons with a local teacher and I really enjoyed them! Bang! overnight I decided I wanted to take GCSE Music, with all my options full I had to do it afterschool (I cant remember ever turning up to any of the lessons) By this time I was 14/15 I had been to loads of places with the school choir and it was amazing. I came out with a B in GCSE Music and I left for the summer.

Sixth form. I took Music and Music Technology A fine choice! Oh wait I had to take some other BTEC tourism thing because my GCSE’s weren’t the best plus this Welsh Baccalaureate thing. Anyway I couldn’t take music in my own school because I was the only one who wanted to do it and I was the only student taking music technology. It went horribly bad! Look I was a teenage boy doing all the things a teenage boy does! My teacher pushed me to strive but I failed. I was told the best thing for me to do was stay back and repeat the year, this time in my own school in full classes. I joined a band Tomorrow Can Wait with one of my childhood friends and who is the greatest drummer in the world (to me anyway) I kept playing bass and a bit of guitar and continued having lessons in school with two great teachers.

I passed my grade eight for electric bass guitar and was sent to audition for the National Youth Training Choir Of Wales. That went well. I did enjoy it but it ended with me locking my roommate out, being caught smoking and the worlds shortest romantic fling! By this time I had started falling behind with my studies but my teacher pushed me on and I improved, too late unfortunately.

I could have packed it in but didn’t. I remember sitting in the studio in school and I got up and talked to this boy who I had basically ignored for the previous year. his name is Jimmy and he is a legend, musical and otherwise and he motivated me to improve as a musician!

I developed tinnitus and that was it for me (or so I thought) I carried on regardless and although I was down I had the help needed. At this time I deeply hated Music Technology with a passion, I still don’t know why! My teacher recommended I go talk to the company Ax Music and think about training to be a teacher! Wow, now this I really liked the sound of!

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