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A Man With a Plan 2015

2015 is quickly approaching so I thought I would give everyone a heads up on my plan for the year.

Private Tuition

I will be continuing my private practice in 2015 but all the lessons will take place in my new home studio.

New Studio

I know I have been talking about it and honestly it has been a very stressful experience but it is nearly done!

After 3 push backs it will be complete and ready by the 5th January. I am just waiting for the monitors, interface and some other little bits to arrive.

Master Classes

I am in talks with a few music stores/venues about holding these and I am very excited to start doing these regularly. It’s a great experience and It’s going to be great!

Session Work

Plenty of session work coming next year all over the place so I will be here there and everywhere by the looks of it


Here we go. So this is going to be a huge part of next year. I will be writing for Ax Music, currently a grade 5 HipHop/RnB track and a grade 7 Jazz track and more. Also I will be writing and recording in my studio and I will be selling these compositions to clients.

A Book

For the last few years I have wanted to write an instruction book for the bass guitar/double bass and now the time has come. I will start to write this book next year and hopefully release it too.


I will continue to be examining with Ax Music. Currently I am the live performer/examiner on guitar and I will I examine the scale and playback section and the reflection on learning section (A separate qualification) as part of the grade 3 exam.

I will also continue to update this list as the new year progresses. I know I have missed out a few things from

this list but never mind.

Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year

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