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“Bassicly” Speaking June 2016 Update

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here! I’m not going to lie, I have been putting it off, but for one good reason! So I could include some awesome updates for you.

Live Work

Red Bug

I’ve been gigging constantly with bands all over the shop the last few months. I’ve been working hard with Red Bug covering the best soul classics from the 50’s to now all over the South Wales area. I love playing old soul tracks to be honest, the basslines are so rich. Although adding 5 part harmonies & cues to them makes it a bit tougher!

The Special Brew

Work with The Special Brew has been amazing! In my last update I mentioned I was depping with them for a few weeks. I decided to stay due to great people, music & atmosphere! I’ve gigged with them all over South Wales Plus took part in the Two tone Tribute tour with them & A Special Kind Of Madness! It was a sell out show completely filling the Alban Arena!

Dead Method

We have been working amazingly hard to get a perfect set together for Glastonbury 2016! It’s going really well, although there’s only a few weeks left there’s a lot of work still to do!


Teaching is stable & I am only taking places that have been reserved at the moment but feel free to email me regarding – Bass, Guitar, Vocal, Theory, GCSE, As & A Level music at The exam period has just flown by and every single student that was entered for an exam has passed with at least a merit! So well done to all students! I’ve recently been updating my resources & online lesson delivery systems. Two gift certificates where raffled off at the Maestro Music Tuition summer concert in aid of charity! Well done to every student who took part!

Session/Dep/Studio Work

It’s been quiet on this front as I have been out touring & gigging but I managed to get onto some remote & studio sessions for pop &rock tracks last month plus a very lucrative contract to dep in for a household name touring Germany this summer! Work with the George Michael tribute band has quietened down as the original bass player is back for a few months. I’ve also been recording some tracks with an old band mate Andrew Evans for sync placements.

Composing & Arranging

I’ve let go of some composing work lately to concentrate on some of my own original compositions that I plan to release next year. I’ve been tasked to arrange a charity track for The Special Brew in the style of Bad Manners. It’s going well & should have a full arrangement very shortly! I’ve been busy writing some new bass parts for three new Sankara tracks in the works too. all sounding epic and heavy(ish)

Personal Development

I’ve been working hard to get all the tracks & bits ready for my Grade 6 guitar exam! I’m really looking forward to being on the other side of an exam instead of being an examiner! It’s been a while, the last “Graded” exam I took was my Grade 8 bass certification which was in 2010! I’ve continued with personal lessons with a tutor/mentor covering advanced theory & Jazz, it’s hardcore but definitely worth it. Bass practice wise I’ve been working on different double thumping slap techniques & bassline creation. I suppose I’ve been improving tenfold recently on the bass playing & theory side it’s great to have control & sense of effortless when approached with any musical situation while playing bass!

Bass Gear/Misc

Chris May the owner of Overwater Basses contacted me regarding the artist program they have and would like to build me a custom bass! I would be featured as an overwater artist too! I’ve been thinking about what my dream bass would be & it’s a very difficult task. We are contacting each other via email at the moment & planning out a few basic details to get started. My double bass is still being built. I have seen a few pics so far and it’s looking amazing. I haven’t had any new pedals or other bass related goodies to review but hopefully I should have some in very soon (including pedals, amps & some snazzy new strings to try) I have been trialing some new pedal settings using my MXR Bass DI + to help my bass cut through the mix in The Special Brew! Stay tuned for some HQ recordings of the gig to hear for yourself. I am also working on a brand new website which will have a self contained blog within plus loads more features including media & such. It is still being built but should be up & running in September (including a new domain name & email addresses)

Upcoming shows

The Special Brew – Taffs Well Ex Service & Social Club – Saturday 11th June

The Special Brew – Caerphilly Workmen’s Hall & Institute – Saturday 18th June

Dead Method – Glastonbury Festival – TBA

The Special Brew – Blackpool (TBA) – Friday 8th July

The Special Brew – Barry Scooter Club – Saturday 9th July

Plus many more! visit for regular updated lists of upcoming shows.


Dead Method’s Debut single was released! “Hollywood Harmony” It’s available on ITunes & More releases coming this summer.

Thanks for reading! Want me to review a product or want bass playing/music/private tuition or advice feel free to contact me at the links below! Always welcoming feedback of any kind.

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