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String Racks Custom Studio Pedalboard

Right at the end of 2021 I found a company by the name of String Racks following me on instagram. I had a little look at what they had to offer & was pleasantly surprised! It's not everyday you find a Welsh company offering bespoke guitar/bass related products such as guitar racks, pedal shelves, pedalboards & more. Plus being built just down the road from me!

I messaged them & said I'd be in touch in the new year to talk about some products.

I had an idea to have a purpose built board for my studio work. Only using the two pedals I find myself & producers/songwriters wanting on 99% of tracks. The Boss OC-2 & The Origin Effects Cali 76 Limiting Amplifier.

I measured up some pedals & talked about the footprint of the board with String Racks. It's going to be small & I needed some room underneath to tuck away the PSU (more on this later)

(just a note, that i requested the board to be black tolex, but more on this later)

I received some great pictures from String Racks earlier last week with the board complete! With an absolutely ingenious colour match combo! With the Brown/Bronze matching the OC-2 & the Silver matching the Cali 76! I was immediately blown away by the skill, thinking & genuine feeling of how much thought had gone into this board for me.

The board it self is robust but light enough to carry (with or without the pedals) With excellent finishing on the edges of the Rolex. Plus a clean underside for affixing cables etc.

I started by placing the pedals & checking clearance around the edge (absolutely perfect from the measurements given) & came up with a plan for the PSU first.

With the Cali 76 I wanted to use the full 18V DC available so I had to swap the Strymon Ouji from my "small board" & replace that with the very small Strymon Ouji add on pack.

With this affixed & cables measured I "plumbed" it in power wise. The underneath of the board gave plenty of space & options, the pre cut holes for the power & routing were very well placed too!

Next come the pedals! Affixed with the strong 3M stuff I thought to use one of the Bright Onion Pedal's Patch Boxes (usually to save the pedals from due wear from plugging in & out at shows) but being a studio board I knew I's be taking a lot of care with it so opted not to.

Using the Pedal Patch Solder-less Cables (my favourites!) I measured & cut & had the cable running from one pedal to the other. always anchored with the 3M cable tie-downs (thanks Mason!) & I was done!

I'm impressed by the small footprint again of the board, but with a platform safe from any accidents or bumps!

I'd like to thank String Racks for sending me this custom board & the care & thought taken was incredible! I can see big things happening with this company & will definitely be looking at more products from their range!

You can check out String Racks website here & on Instagram here




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