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Overwater Appreciation

An appreciation post to my bass manufacturer of choice Overwater Basses

I have been using overwater basses since 2019 having commissioned my first P5 at that time.

That’s where my association started.

Over the years I’ve added two more basses to my arsenal to cover as many different sounds, tones, looks & styles needed for my work. Namely my J5 & Hollow-body 6 string.

With the top quality service, skill & friendliness of all the members of the team I couldn’t think of anyone else to reach out to when I needed a specific bass for a large upcoming tour with a named artist.

A 5 string fretless bass is needed for numerous tracks on this tour and I know the work & craftsmanship will be second to none from experience. That’s why all the top players especially in the UK are using these basses

A huge thank you to everyone at Overwater for the continued support, encouragement, friendliness & amazing basses they make everyday 🙏

The Specs of my newest build is -

Overwater Contemporary J

5 String

35" Scale Length

Neck -

Standard Bolt On

One Piece Maple

Straight Headstock with Walnut Veneer

Fretless (24 fret neck)

46mm Nut Width

18mm Bridge Spacing

Plain Unlined Ebony Fingerboard

Luminlay Side Dots

Body -

Swamp Ash

Walnut Top

Electronics -

Active Overwater 3 Band + Passive Tone Control

Pickups -

Overwater Jazz Single Coil + Musicman Humbucker

Locking Jack

Hardware -

Overwater Bridge

Hipshot Hardware in Black

Satin Natural Lacquer Finish




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