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Mini Pedalboard Build

After a recent tasking trek across Cardiff lugging my big pedalboard, bass & myself through the city centre (dressed head to toe in a bright blue Adidas tracksuit) I needed a nice compact board for inner city shows.

So I contacted the fine folks at Swanflight again with my custom specs and here we go!

A lovely little board for 90% of pop gigs I’m doing at the moment!

One addition that makes life so much easier is the custom Bright Onion Pedals patch bay. It’s so good I ordered two so I could update my old one on the big board!

Pedals are - The Cali 76 Compact Bass Compressor (from The Bass Monkey)

An original OC-2 Black Label from Japan (from bass bros)

EHX Bass Micro Synth (from EHX directly)

The power supply is the little neat Strymon Ouja (again from The Bass Monkey)

Im so happy with this cute little build! A perfect supplement to the big boy board & easily interchangeable!

Check out all of the suppliers below!




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