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Learn Bass Daily Takeover 04/04/21

On Sunday 4th April I will be taking over the Learn Bass Daily Instagram all day! Possibly 24 hours if I can survive!!

I'll be posting archive, live & written posts all day & hopefully giving the public & members an insight into myself, my career, my playing & more!

You need an instagram account & the app to watch but one can be made easily & you can watch live on the Instagram app at this link & tap on the 'live' profile picture! Heres the link -

Livestream wise I've got this schedule going on for the day -

10:00 - Daily Practice

12:00 - Live Q&A + More Playing

14:00 - Actual Remote Recording Session

16:00 - The Bass Collection + New Bass Day!

17:00 - Bass Upkeep & Maintenance

18:00 - Optima Strings Giveaway

19:00 - Live Rig & Pedalboard Tour

20:00 - Cool Licks & Funky Tricks

21:00 - Transcribing Parts

22:00 - Bass After Dark (dirty bass lines)

I'll posting & sharing all day covering these topics & subjects too!

Archive Footage & Pictures

Some soloing & previous Bass posts

Career Accomplishments

Links to profiles etc (including LBD Lecturers)

Tips, Tricks & Practice Advice


Favourite Bass lines

Favourite Bass Players


Promo for all lecturers



Day In The Life


I hope to see you all there for some amazing bass goodness all day long!

Check out Learn Bass Daily here!




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