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Gloucester | Bass Masterclass | 03/10/21

I will be conducting a bass masterclass at Rhythm Hub - Gloucester on the 3rd of October 2021. This will be my first in a long while (pre pandemic)

Tickets are £30 per person & I will be running a morning & afternoon session that will be suitable for beginner, intermediate & advanced players. You can also being your bass too! To try out any ideas or subjects mentioned too!

I've sent over a questionnaire to Niki to give out to the attendees. This is so I can see what people would like me to cover & demonstrate. This isn't a full & definite list but ut helps me coordinate better. If you have any questions or ideas please let Niki or myself know when booking.

This is a big topic for me & I believe that these masterclasses, along with all of mine should be accessible to all levels of player.

Along with this I do & still encourage other instrumental players to attend. This can really help other musicians to get an insight to the roles, fundamentals & study of the bass in many different situations & scenarios.

I'll be sticking to bass guitar in the most part but will discuss & mention Key/Synth Bass, Upright & Bass VI in context to my career also.

Topics will include, but not limited to - Bassline creation, theory, solo techniques, genre specific bass studies, gear, Q&A’s & live solo bass performances too!

I'm going to bringing along some great basses & gear too for people to have a look at, including my Custom Overwaters, 1972 Fender Jazz & 1976 Fretless Musician Stingray! Rare pedals, my full gig/show rig & components of my full touring rig too. I'll be sticking to bass guitar in the most part but will

Grab your tickets soon before they sell out!

Also there will be giveaways & a raffle for some lovely Optima Strings, flatwound, roundwound ,24k gold & more! 🎸

Contact Niki Stokes Music Tuition to grab your place here & here




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