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Feralman Live Sessions | Canwood Art Gallery

Here are the finished videos from the live sessions at Canwood Gallery playing with Feralman as part of his band "The Mob"

You can purchase tickets to his next show at 23 Social - Newtown 01/10/22 here

Vox/Guitar - Feralman

Vox - Anna Davies

Violin - Annie Pullar

Guitar - Russ Drury

Guitar - Dean Warren

Bass - Myself

Drums - Simon "Stix" Jones

Audio - MuMu Audio

Video - Andy Garbi

My equipment used -

1976 - Musicman Stingray Fretless Bass

Strung with Optima Chromes roundwound strings

Origin Effects Compact Cali 76 Compressor

A Designs REDDI

ACS Custom IEM's

Shure Wireless Transmitters & Receivers

Design a Cable UK Custom Cables

Mono Straps

Please feel free to contact me regarding booking my services etc.




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