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Musicians Union Executive Committee

I am pleased to announce that I was nominated & then elected to the Executive Committee this last week. As you may know I am also a regional committee member for Wales & South West England. I will serve until 31st December 2020.

The Executive Committee brings forth a lot of hard work & a sense of accomplishment for myself.

These are the roles & rules the Executive committee & the basic way it works.

The EC is the national governing body of the Union, and EC members have a collective responsibility for the decisions and the policies of the EC. EC members are not accountable individually for the work of the Union and have no individual decision-making powers.

All decisions are the result of debate and vote and all EC members are expected to uphold such decisions. Although EC members do not sit as delegates for their Regions, they are elected on a Regional basis.

The EC makes major decisions that can affect the working lives of many musicians. It often deals with sensitive issues, so each EC member must adhere to the concept of collective confidentiality in the interests of the Union and its members.

EC members are presented with numerous reports and other documentation. It is the duty of EC members to keep abreast of all the issues that may be likely to appear on its agenda from time to time. Individual EC members take their responsibilities very seriously and always put the collective good of the Union and its members first.

The General Secretary acts as secretary to the EC and is responsible for the administration of all correspondence to and from the EC and for the Union between EC meetings.

Unlinke the Regional Committee,

Which The RC is responsible for MU activities within the Region, it considers motions submitted to the EC under Rule VI.1.b and motions submitted directly to the RC under Rule VI.2.b.While an RC has the authority to administer the affairs of the Region, it does not have a national remit and should it wish to amend national policy it must submit a motion on the issue to the EC under Rule VI, or submit a motion to the MU Biennial Conference.

Here is my statement that I used for the election. Statement. I am a professional bass player, bandleader, composer and music educator residing in the South Wales Valleys.

I would like to give back to the union and hopefully further my involvement as it has helped me in the past, and most certainly will in the future. I believe a younger member such as myself would bring a different look on topics & issues that affect each member individually and as a group in whole. Having experience in many different areas of the industry, such as live performance, teaching & music business.

I feel I have a solid understanding of different areas of expertise which only add to the subjects I am willing to and will able to make hard decisions on for the benefit of the union and its members across our region. Please contact me regarding my nomination and to ask questions about what I could offer the committee.

I am really looking forward to undertaking my work with the committee. If you have any questions or queries, or something you'd like to ring to the attention of the union you can below.



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