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Musicians Union Executive Committee Campaign

I am pleased to announce that I have been nominated to stand for the Wales & South West England region as an Executive Committee member. I would like to thank everyone who nominated me, it is much appreciated. Theres a long road aead, but I am fully ready to take on this challenge.

If you are an eligible member in this region please vote, as every vote counts and matters! Keep your eye out for correspondence from the union with all the candidates statements and polling card.

Below is my official statement that will be published in all union material corresponding to the campaign

I am a professional bass player, bandleader, composer and music educator residing in the South Wales Valleys. I would like to give back to the union and hopefully further my involvement as it has helped me in the past, and most certainly will in the future. I believe a younger member such as myself would bring a different look on topics & issues that affect each member individually and as a group in whole. Having experience in many different areas of the industry, such as live performance, teaching & music business. I feel I have a solid understanding of different areas of expertise which only add to the subjects I am willing to and will able to make hard decisions on for the benefit of the union and its members across our region. Please contact me regarding my nomination and to ask questions about what I could offer the committee.

If you do have any questions or would like to know my stand on union issues and what I would do for the union and its members.

Thank you so much for reading, please vote as this is a very important part of the union and has all of the decision making powers.

Thank you

Phillip Court LRSL (M.T)


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