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"Bassicly" Speaking" April 2018 Update

April already! Was a great couple of months since the last update! So heres a little update to let you guys know whats going on in the world of a bassplayer in Wales.

The Special Brew

The 2-Tone Tribute Tour will be returning 21st April at Corn Exchange - Bedford.

As always we'll be playing with Special Kinda Madness and touring together later this year in Norwich & St Albans.

This Saturday will see us at the GNSKA Festival in Manchester, headlining the show.

We will be playing along side so many other great acts.

We've got a few tracks to add to our reptoire in the following months. Including some we have rewritten & adapted.

Plenty of shows coming up all over the UK for us including the Devises Scooter Rally.

Tupelo Highway

We've been a bit quiet as of late, after our great couple of shows in Cardiff. Fear not! We ave plenty of shows coming up! Love playing in this funky, soulful band!

We have quite a lot of shows coming up in the Cardiff & Valleys areas too. I'll list upcoming ones in the shows section below. Including the jam night at Miss Jones' Whitchurch again :)

We're adding lots of new tracks to our sets including some Stevie Wonder & Steely Dan

The Phill Court Trio

We've had a few run-throughs in the last couple of months. All sounding great so far. We are working around some logistical tings at the moment too.

I've started composing some tracks for us & rewriting/reworking an old Dead Method track called 6/7 with is going to be epic! I'm trying to compose in the styles of Snarky Puppy & Vulfpeck at the moment but obviously wit my own style applied.

You can have a listen to one of our sessions here & here

Glen's Blues

I've been rehearsing with Glen, The old singer of Red Bug. We are working on putting together a nice little trio covering lots of great bluesy influenced tracks and artists. The set is coming together wonderfully. Sort of early Cream stuff & some nice 60's bluesy pop stuff so far.

A lot more work as come in for both us at the moment, Glen working with Owen Money & myself with touring. So we are a little bit behind schedule.

Dep & Session Work

I've got some dep work for a cover band on Boxing Day come in already! Plus some odd shows with Dictaphone Devil & a corporate function band too.

My solo bass collab with Curtis Papworth is complete! We are both very happy with how it turned out (even though I did try to send him a 1080p 60fps video on my tragically terrible internet)

You can give it a watch/listen here

Private Tuition

Firstly I'd like to welcome my new students & say goodbye or so long to some that haver moved on.

The 100% exam pass rate is still perfect! With a record number of students( 34) passing in just one session.

I have limited spaces left for tuition this start of the year for Bass, Guitar, Vocals, GCSE, As & A-Level Music either in person or via Skype.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss tuition if your'e interested.

I'm toying with adding a music industry/professional musician mentorship into my teaching. Planning will need to be done first but I think it'll work out great.

Composing/Solo Album

I've started work on a new track for the album!! I've actually written it out too :D it's coming along slowly but surely, definitely a work in progress situation.

I've written a short little track called Aidez-moi it's in a sort of jazz/Soul style. Featuring a very melodic & interesting bassline.

Click here to listen on Soundcloud.

Other Bits & Bobs


I've got another audition coming up!@ This time with a Funk outfit based in Cardiff. They are looking to do a few public shows & then concentrate on wedding & corporate events! A lot of tracks like this one from Chic. Amazing! I can't wait!!


My new practice regime is definitely taking a toll on my time but it is already paying off! I'm finding myself a lot more relaxed in lots of different bass playing positions & have more fluidity around the neck! I've cut it down to just under 4 hours a day practice. Covering Jazz Standards, All 3 parts plus studying from 4 books I've invested a lot of time in over the years. It's sort of a back to basics time but head first.

Promo Video

I've made a new promotional video to outline my areas of expertise & services to prospective clients & existing ones too. The track is my latest composition called Aidez-moi.

Upcoming Shows

14/04/18 - GNSKA Festival - Bowlers, Manchester - The Special Brew

21/04/18 - 2-Tone Tribute Tour - Corn Exchange, Bedford - The Special Brew & Special Kinda Madness

28/04/18 - Devizes Scooter Rally, Devizes - The Special Brew

05/05/18 - TBA - Skegness - The Special Brew

06/05/18 - Earl Haig Memorial Club, Whitchurch - Tupelo Highway

11/05/18 - The Lion - Chepstow - Tupelo Highway

I hope you have enjoyed this update & thanks for reading!

Please like, share & comment!

Please feel free to contact me regarding booking my services etc.



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