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What Does a Bass Player Do All Day?

So what does a bass player do all day? This day in the life will follow the day Tuesday 10th February 2015, just to give you an idea of a day in the life of a bass player.

06:00am Get up and do some exercise.

07:30am Have a shower and have some porridge.

08:00am Turn everything on in the studio and warm it up.

08:15am Check twitter and other social media.

08:30am Look at my to do list, which today consists of teaching, recording and a lot of practice.

08:45am Check all emails and messages left on the studio phone & reply.

09:00am Reviewing all the lesson plans for the day and correlating resources.

09:30am Email Andertons Music to double check the spec of a new Mark Bass cab.

09:45am Start tracking bass for a Liverpool singer/songwriter, it’s a great folk song, really catchy!

10:30am Relax in my pool, with a nice cold drink!

11:30am Guitar practice from Phil Harris @guitarphil1 on the caged system and chromatic scales.

12:30pm Start working on learning the set list for a band, some quite tasty bass lines may I add

13:30pm Off out for lunch at Bryn Meadows Golf Club, Resort and Spa. Marvellous!

14:45pm A full run through of the set list.

15:30pm Composition time, trying to finish the Psychedelic Jazz track I’ve been working on.

16:30pm Receive a phone call about playing bass on the newest P&O cruise ship. Unfortunately I couldn’t take up the job because of other commitments.

17:00pm 71 files were added to your dropbox! lots of remote sessions coming in for tomorrow. Listen to some of them and jot down some ideas.

18:00pm First lesson of the day. Dewi is studying at level 2 and today we went over some extended chords and locating notes on the fretboard.

19:00pm Michael is studying at a level 3 and today we covered the verse & chorus parts of Uptown Funk

20:00pm Gareth is studying level 3 and is getting ready for his Rockschool grade 8 bass.

21:00pm Tia is studying level 1 and is thinking about starting singing lessons too to compliment her bass playing.

22:00pm Check my emails and my online presence/adverts. Update any changes to adverts.

22:30pm Track a little bit of bass to get ahead for tomorrow.

23:00pm Lay out my clothes for the next day and realise I have to write this tomorrow! Plus bass practice.

00:00pm Check my diary for tomorrow and prepare a few things in the studio & switch everything off.

00:30pm Sleep.

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