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John Deacon From Queen

I didn’t start out wanting to be a guitarist at first it was always the bass for me and the whole reason was John Deacon the bass player from Queen.

I just fell in love with all his basslines they were and still are incredible. The first one I heard was Don’t Stop Me Now and from listening to that I knew I wanted to be a bass player. I honestly believe (in my opinion) that he is the greatest player and sadly very underrated. Take the track The Millionaire Waltz WOW! What a track, such a beautiful bassline that flows magnificently throughout the track.

Now we cant just forget about his writing credits either. Another One Bites The Dust. A basic funky song which is full of deep driving bass, this was the first track I learnt and so I have notation tattooed on my arm around a Fender P Bass just to pay homage to that great bass player. Do I think there are better players out there? Of course but what makes John Deacon the greatest is the use of his bass in so many roles. As a sole rhythm instrument, a lead instrument and a huge mix of both its just fantastic and you don’t see that now days in a pop/rock band.

So this is just a mess of words from me trying to convey my admiration to him, he has retired now and has not been seen in public for many years but I think he deserves that after all the work he has put in. Oh and he played guitar really well too check the Hot Space album cracking stuff!

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