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THP | Woodbox Productions Live Session

A few months ago I ventured into the studio with THP & the band to record two tracks (audio & video)

We decided to record two tracks of ours (written by the band) for you all to see.

I would like to thank everyone at Woodbox Productions for this amazing opportunity, skills, professionalism & help in putting this together. It's great that they do this for so many musicians.

My setup for this session was simple enough but here it is -

Mostly the same for each track apart from changing my pickup selection (from both to one) + some small tone control adjustments.

I used my trusty Overwater Custom J5 strung with LaBella round wound strings then into my pedalboard.

Going into my Bright Onion Pedals Patch both - Boss TU3 tuner then into my Boss OC2 (not used on this session) then into my Cali76 Compact Bass Compressor & finally through my Noble Bass DI Pre.

I was very happy with the sound of my bass & the small changes that helped the both tracks.

Please feel free to contact me regarding booking my services etc.




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