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Shed Pickups

My new set of of HA - S62 Stratocaster Pickups!

Sounding absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to get my P bases fitted with some great single coils!

Heres a short & rough demo using my American strat and moving between pickup configs through my Vox & into Logic Pro X

Here are the specs -

Historically Accurate Hand Crafted Series

'62 Strat voiced single coil pickup set

The consummate ‘strat’ tone, bright and juicy sweet, with a bell-like upper harmonic, slightly scooped mids and fantastic note definition and separation

Lustrous dynamics with a full and punchy output

Historically Accurate in every way, the demanding attention to every little detail makes all the difference in getting the authentic tone of Shed Pickups

  • Wound with period correct 42 AWG Formvar heavy build coil wire on bobbins constructed with traditional black Forbon flatwork and staggered AlNiCo V magnets.

  • The sets are calibrated from neck to bridge for a perfect balance.

  • Each coil is sealed and potted with black wax.

  • Aged appearance with simulated OEM style covers

  • Phillips screws, amber spring tubing and OEM hookup.


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