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Learn Bass Daily Launch Date & Update

Learn Bass Daily will be launching 1st May 2021! With only 999 places available for this first inaugural launch.

You can sign up to the waiting list to get in there first & I would encourage all of my students to definitely sign up as soon as possible, not to be disappointed!

So, What do you get?

Firstly, you get me! Giving lectures on all sorts of bass & music topics such as harmony, transposition, soloing techniques & more. Then you've got my bass gear reviews too! Going through all the coolest basses, amps, effects, tech & more (giving my 100% honest opinion)

Podcasts with Mike (the founder) I'll be taking part in these podcasts, covering the music industry, music education, bass players/playing in general & more!

Sounds great doesn't it? all for $9.99 a month including a 30 day free trial!

Obviously & sadly, it doesn't all revolve around me :( so here's a list of some other lecturers, guest lecturers & podcast guests -

Craig Tyler, Lorna Thomas, Phil Wain, Marco Panzaella, Mike Prince, Ellen O'Reilly, Eva Gardner, Anais Noir & me :)

So for $9.99 a month what sets Learn Bass Daily apart from other online bass schools & subscription lesson platforms?

It's the mentorship program!!

As a learner, you will have a mentor. They will be with you every step of the way. You will have constant contact with them & an in-depth session once a month too, so they can help you progress & get to the level you want to be!

I'm so grateful, proud & feeling great about being part of the Learn Bass Daily Team & I'm working very hard to prep all of my lectures, gear review videos & podcast topics.

You can find out more here & sign up to the waiting list too!

Also check LBD on Instagram too! So many amazing posts (not just mine)

If you have any questions about Learn Bass Daily or want more information, please let me know & I'll sort you guys out with all the details.

Thanks for reading & I'll see you over at LBD!




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