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Phill Court is a professional bass player, bandleader, composer & music educator based in South Wales & London UK. Interested in music at a young age Phill has striven to create career as an in demand bass player, composer & educator across the UK & Worldwide. 

​As an educator Phill has achieved the highest qualifications in his field, DipRSL (Diploma in Music Teaching & LRSL (Licentiate in Music Teaching) Phill has studied under the tutelage of many world renown educators such as Clark Ellis (LRSL – G.I.T hons) Phil Harris BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance. LRSL (dis). SMISIM & Dr Ian Baker.

He has built up a very successful private practice in South Wales & via online lessons over many years & boasts a 100% exam success rate.

As a bass player Phill has played many of the worlds biggest stages, festivals & concerts including Glastonbury & The O2. Currently playing for numerous artists/groups. 


Being a session player Phill is comfortable with any & all genres & can be found recording in some of the worlds best studios, filling in as a dep player for numerous acts & playing with many great artists.

​Phill's composing abilities started while studying A Level Music & Music Technology in school. He composes for many different projects including solo & group artists, TV & film, instructional tracks for students & educational publications.

Phill has been listed as a notable musician and one of the best bass players in the UK by numerous publications, websites and music industry professionals.

Phill endorses ACS Custom, Optima Strings, Overwater Basses & Remic Microphones.


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