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The Bass Collection

Following on from a very lengthy Twitter thread I've put together a little piece about my bass collection for you all.

These aren't in any particular order really & some have been relegated to the rack or have been sold/traded on as of the date of publish.

Nordstrand Acinonyx

A short scale funky looking bass with loads of tonal options! Mainly used for rehearsals, some sessions & really long gigs as it's very light

Musician Stingray Fretless 1976 (1st Year of Production)

Currently my only vintage bass, very heavy bass but tonally it is that classic "Pino" fretless sound. I mainly use this bass with artist Feralman & a few sessions when a fretless is needed

Fender Precision Bass 1966

The gold one! Only thing original is the body wood as of now. I have had a new neck made with a matching headstock also. This is my first call bass for new artists if I don't require a 5 string. Strung with tape wound strings but I change over to rounds quite often.

Fender American Standard Precision Bass V

I've lusted over this since seeing an old Bass Whisperer video back in the day. A classic look, which most artists like/desire but with the low B string. This has currently replaced my 4 string sunburst P Bass.

Overwater Custom J5 Series Bass

One of my Overwater's. Plenty of tonal options & a more modern look that doesn't look out of place anywhere. Mostly used for Pop, RnB, HipHop & such. Currently being used with Artists Charlie J, The Honest Poet & Liza Baker.

Overwater Custom P5 Series Bass

Still my number one bass! Used the most out of all of them for live & studio work. With the added Musician pickup it can be used for anything! I think this is the most recorded bass in my collection right now. Its got tape wound strings at the moment but it cuts through when needed!

Overwater Custom Slimline Hollowbody 6

The latest acquisition from Overwater. Currently being trialled in rehearsals & had its debut with The Honest Poet Society. A bit more of a Jazzer so far.

My Fender Bass of Doom

The bass I've had the longest, beat up, abused, de-fretted & played to hell & back. I used to take this as my only backup & played quite a few shows & sessions too. Last used with artist Minas quite a few years ago. It's made of quite a few different parts of quite a few different basses but it works perfectly together.

Fender Jazz Bass 1972 (Owned by Dave Peacock of Chas & Dave)

A classic looking Jazz that sadly looked better than it sounded haha! It was lovely and had a very distinct jazz sound. Usually strung with flats but towards the end had some rounds. Used mostly with the band The Special Brew on the 2 Tone Tour of yesteryear.

Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V

This was my most used bass for a long time! Perfect fo nearly everything & looks great! Its been replaced by my Overwater J now but was used for the majority of my live & studio stuff. Last used in the studio with Mr Bewlay & spent a short stint on The Lion King.

Thunderbird Bass

Bought for £80 from a good friend years ago! Used so much in my old Pop Punk days! Sold on and then bought back just after the pandemic for sentimental reasons. Relegated to the rack but still sounds killer. Just that neck dive to get over!

SIMS Custom Ernieball Musicman Stingray

Bought for light up fretboard not the Union Flag haha! A decent Stingray used on The Black Reason Tour for Mr Bewlay exclusively.

Yamaha BB605

My only P/J bass I've ever had! Great 80's vibes & a powerful preamp too. Used to belong to Sandy Beales of One Direction & good friend & bass player Harvey Baldwin.

Fender Japan PB 1951 Precision Bass

Sting anyone? A very unique sound & look but great for the very old school vibes. Strung with flats of course.

Fender Japan PB 1962

Used a lot for the classic look & sound. With round wound strings and a lot of pick action it's perfect for most artists who want the classic look.

Warwick Corvette RB 8 String

Purchased for one session & one rehearsal and now relegated to the rack as no one wants an 8 string bass on anything haha!

Epiphone Jack Cassidy Signature

Bought to fill a void of not having a hollow body bass. Quite a beast of a bass and a loud bass. Used live with Bryony Sier.

Ernieball Musicman Stingray Special V

Not my colour sadly but a tonal monster. When I had this it came with flats which gave it a smoothness but still retained the Stingray sound. Used live with Caitlin Mae

Fender Custom Shop Bass VI

I was/am obsessed with any Bass VI's so I ordered a Custom Shop one! An outstanding bass & my only Fender Custom so far! Not used live yet or on any sessions

Steinberger 5 String

I have a love/hate relationship with this bass. A weird one! Used on a few gigs & some rehearsals & it has bounced back & forth between my dear friend Chazz fro white a while. Quite a modern sounding instrument.

OLP Modded Stingray

Scratches the itch of a 5 string ray when needed! modded by my friend Chazz & sound/ feels great too! Not used yet but I've got an idea for a few projects it could be used on.

Ernieball Musicman Stingray Classic V

My dream Stingray bass! Perfection & a great look & classic sound. Sadly too heavy to gig with :(

Ernieball Musicman Stingray 4EQ

This was my first Stingray, strung with RB Flats mostly & used on numerous tours/shows over the years. Swapped it for the white scratch plate to get that classic look

Please feel free to contact me regarding these instruments to book my services etc.




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