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Learn Bass Daily Lecturer Anouncement

I'm pleased to announce I am now a lecturer on bass education & mentorship site

Heres a little bit of information about Learn Bass Daily & what it offers over other online bass schools -

Online bass schools often take a fee and leave your development up to you. Claims that having huge quantities of lessons will make you great is simply not true.

We decided that there needs to be a proven method that gets players the results they want to see. This means Learn Bass Daily is committed to offering every member their personal mentor.

Whether you came to develop your hobby or get help turning your passion into a profession, we are here to help guide you every step of the way.

Welcome to the only bass school that oversees your development daily and helps you get to your goals quicker.

I'll be lecturing on topics such as ear training, soloing techniques, tonality & lots more! Along with this I will be a guest on the Learn Bass Daily podcast covering many music & bass related subjects & reviewing bass equipment such as bass guitars, amps, effects & more!

I'm really excited to be lecturing for Learn Bass Daily & passing on my knowledge of the bass & music in general on this great platform that puts the learner & their ability/level first every time.

For more information & to sign up to Learn Bass Daily click here




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