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Overwater Players Tuition Page | Featured Profile

I've bee featured on the new Overwater Players Tuition Page! Alongside some of my friends, peers & legendery players! Overwater have/are putting together some amazing resources for pro players, learners & bass enthusiasts in these trying times

Heres what they say about the tuition page.

Many of the players we work with are currently offering online tuition and you can find out more about our Overwater players and view the lessons and courses that they offer from here.

Our players have on offer, a huge range of styles, versatility and experience, from the West End and Broadway theatre pits to TV and Radio sessions, gigging and recording with many of the top pop, jazz, contemporary and even classical artists of the past 40 years.

Wether you’re looking for basic lessons to get you started, wanting to take your bass playing to the next level – or have a particular technique you have always wanted to have explained, but there was no-one around to ask – now, where ever you are in the world, is the ideal opportunity to find yourself the perfect tutor!

We work with some of the best and busiest bass players on the planet – some of whom are also great teachers and now have the time to offer you online, one to one, customised lessons to suit your needs, playing style and skill.

Visit the Overwater Players Tuition Page here

and the resource page here

Please feel free to contact me regarding booking my services etc.



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