Update A Statement Regarding COVID-19 In Relation to Private Tuition & Live Performances

March 22, 2020


Private Tuition

As of 19:00 22/03/20


To be transparent, as of the date/time above I have 5 students in self isolation.


In regards to the government advice (national & local) towards the COVID-19 outbreak lessons available at your normal times/days via Skype/online video ONLY


Although the studio is cleaned & disinfected regularly. For the safety of myself, family, students & dependents. There will be no lessons taking place in person. 


I already teach multiple students via Skype/online video daily so the resources & hardware are already in place. Information regarding Skype/Online video lessons can be found at here where a lesson information pack available to be downloaded.


Skype/online video lessons will be charged as usual & at the same rate. Some students who do not have access to Skype/online video or who have elected to postpone lessons have kindly offered to continue to pay fully or at a reduced rate to help my business continue financially. 


Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the new arrangements if needed. 


This is my business, my job & my livelihood.


If lessons are stopped/postponed or not paid for, as a self employed person, my business will collapse as I have no access to income protection or statutory sick pay at this time pending amendments to allowances for self employed persons. 


I am still in daily contact with my MP, AM & The Musicians Union & all information received will be passed forward. 


This applies to lessons undertaken at The Practice Pad. I will still be paying the room rental there during this time. 



Live Performance & Session Work 

As of 19:00 22/03/20 


As of the date/time above all live performances have been cancelled for the foreseeable. 


Performing live in theatres, venues, festivals, pits & studios provides the majority of my income.


I am now only available for remote session work. 


I am  still in daily contact with my MP, AM & The Musicians Union & all information received will be passed forward. 


In the meantime, from a distance I am able to provide the following which are all listed here


Remote Lessons via Skype/Online Video 


Remote Recording Sessions






And more


From a personal view it would be very beneficial if all outstanding/overdue invoices & fees are paid as soon as possible.


Also to note. I have an underlying health condition & have dependents/close family who also have underlying health conditions. This will take precedence in all decisions being made.




















email: info@phillcourtmusic.com




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