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August 10, 2020

At the start of lockdown (March 2020) I was constantly watching a YouTube channel called Vertex Effects and his custom pedalboard builds for many of the worlds most accomplished musicians.

I was quite happy with my pedalboard at the time, but it lacked the reliability &...

August 8, 2020

Here's my bass line over Metallica's Nothing Else Matters for an upcoming online collaboration, without vocals for clarity regarding the bass.

Here is the originalcollaboration 

Playing my Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V. Strung with Optima Roundwound Studio strings,...

July 17, 2020

An arrangement of a live performance of Galveston by Glen Campbell Ft Steve Wariner, which can be found here Myself playing the Bass VI parts/solo & Ben Rowe playing the incredible guitar solo.

I'm playing my Squier Bass VI strung with Ernie Ball Flatwound strings, into...

April 16, 2020

A solo over Afro Blue - Robert Glasper. Using my Custom Overwater Basses P5 on the bridge pickup in active mode with a slight boost to the treble, tone all the way up. Optima flatwound strings, Tone City tape delay pedal & into Logic Pro X

Please feel free to contact me...

April 16, 2020

A transcription of My Name Is - Eminem, including the bass, keys & synth line. Played on a Fender Vintera Mustang Bass with Optima strings straight into Logic Pro X

The track was originally sampled from Labbi Siffre's - I Got The

Please feel free to contact me regardin...

April 16, 2020

A transcription of Gz and Hustlas - Snoop Dogg, including a few fills. Played on a Fender Vintera Mustang Bass with Optima strings straight into Logic Pro X

The track was originally sampled from Bernard Wright's - Haboglabotripin

Please feel free to contact me regarding...

November 20, 2019

It's been a long while since I've furnished this part of my site with an update! Lots have changed & lots have stayed the same! Heres a (mostly) comprehensive recap on what I've been doing & what I've got lined up.

Private Teaching

I've had great results from recent...

May 14, 2019

After a year of planning, building & working. It's finally here! 

My new Overwater Custom P5 aka The Green Machine!

Having played a 5 string American Deluxe Jazz a 72 Jazz & a Musicman for numerous years I was yearning for something special. I've always admired Overwater...

June 26, 2018

I was recently asked to contribute to an article on the best bass guitars for consumerhelp.guide I made my choices & decided to mark them for a beginner & professional.

Alongside my own contribution there were 19 more! From such players as Marcus Miller, on Patitucc...

June 19, 2018

It's officially summer in Wales! So heres a little update to let you guys know what is going on in the world of a bass player in Wales.

The Special Brew

I've recently left the band on good terms & wish them all the best in future. I will be depping with th...

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April 27, 2020

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